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A few words about InAccel

InAccel helps companies to speedup their applications by using adaptive hardware accelerators. It provides a unique framework for seamless utilization of accelerators by high-level framework like Spark and Jupyter. InAccel also develops high-performance accelerators for applications like machine learning, compression and data analytics.

InAccel was founded on the idea of bringing FPGA acceleration to the right level of abstraction.

InAccel is a world-leader in application acceleration using FPGAs in the cloud.

We embrace cutting-edge technology to speedup mission-critical applications in the cloud, seamlessly.

We help companies speedup their applications in the cloud and reduce their TCO by providing ready-to-use high-performance accelerators.

InAccel is one of the first companies that provides accelerators as IP cores in the cloud for FPGAs and is an official partner of Amazon AWS, Alibaba Cloud and Xilinx. It was the first company that provided ready-use accelerators for Apache Spark on Amazon AWS.

InAccel provides high performance accelerators for your application based on novel hardware engines as IP blocks. InAccel's accelerators support the new Amazon AWS FPGA instances (AFI images for f1), Alibaba Cloud FPGA instances.

Use InAccel's libraries to speedup your applications and reduce the total cost of operations (OpEx).

InAccel is specialized in developing accelerators for machine learning, data analytics, data processing (compression, encryption) and databases. The accelerators from InAccel are also compatible with Apache Spark. Spark can be used for data analytics and machine learning applications. Our accelerators can be deployed under Spark without any modifications of your code. InAccel provide all the required libraries and APIs for seamless deployment of accelerators in your applications.

InAccel provides both readily available IPs for acceleration of machine learning and data analytics and it can also provide customized solutions based on the customer’s requirements.

InAccel team strongly support agile methods to provide fast and customized solutions based on the client's requirements.

For more information, visit https://inaccel.com


The secret recipe


Chris Kachris

CEO & co-founder

Elias Koromilas

CTO & co-founder

John Stamelos

COO & co-founder


Marathon Venture Capital

Advisory board

Christos Makiyama

Genelle Heim

Additional Funding

EPAnEK 2014-2020: Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship, Innovation

Elevating Greek Startups against COVID 19

The enterprise CCG InAccel based in Attika Region, has joined the Action “Elevating Greek Startups against COVID 19 ” with a total budget of 60 million €. The Action aims at the support of start-ups included in the National Register of Start-ups "Elevate Greece" in the form of a non-refundable grant as working capital to cover their expenses.

The total budget that the enterprise received as a non-refundable grant is 100,000 euro and is co-financed by Greece and the European Union - European Regional Development Fund.

The Public Expenditure is the 80% of the working capital of the year 2019

Through the participation in the Action, the enterprise achieved:

  • Competitiveness improvement
  • Increase of liquidity
  • Reinforcement of an extrovert business profile
  • Entrepreneurship Reinforcement
  • Retention of jobs
The support of EPAnEK proved beneficial, not only for the enterprise but for the competitiveness of the national as well as the national economy.


Venture Impact Awards 2021

Venture Impact Award 2021

The Hellenic Foundation

With the support of The Hellenic Initiative - Venture Impact Awards 2021.

InAccel was one of the winners of the Venture Impact Award supported by The Hellenic Initiative, The Helidoni Foundation and the Charles C. Condes Trust as Level 1 Sponsors and Mr. George Antonopoulos as a Level 2 Sponsor.