Next FPGA Platform

January 22, 2020

Software Innovations Panel filmed live at The Next FPGA Platform event on Jan. 22, 2020.
With perspectives on ecosystem development and tools evolution. Panelists include Chris Kachris (InAccel), Ramine Roane (Xilinx), Hua Xue (Intel).
How FPGA need the right software framework for easy deployment, instant scaling and resource managements of FPGA clusters.

Big Data Conference

Vilnius, November 2018

Acceleration of Spark ML using FPGAs on the cloud, instantly.
Check the presentation on YouTube:

Xilinx Developer Forum

​San Jose, October 2018

FPGA Acceleration of Apache Spark using FPGAs in the cloud

Spark + AI Summit

San Francisco, June 2018

Apache Spark Acceleration using FPGAs in the Cloud, Seamlessly