Integrated FPGA Cloud Deployment

Deploy your FPGA application on Bare Metal, VM or Kubernetes clusters, instantly

Integrated FPGA Cloud Deployment

InAccel Integrated FPGA Cloud Stack allows you to control from a single dashboard all your FPGA infrastructure. It allows you to manage your FPGA infrastructure easier than ever, using State-of-the-Art frameworks like SUSE Rancher and Harvester. Deploy your FPGA applications on Bare metal, VM or Kubernetes clusters, instantly.


InAccel Integrated FPGA framework is a complete software stack for teams that want to manage their FPGA infrastructure and deploy their FPGAs applications at scale using Kubernetes.

Ease of Use

Unified dashboard to control bare metal, FPGA-based VMs or Kubernetes with FPGA resoruces


Customized UI to manage your FPGA infrastructure stack


Scale you FPGA applications instantly using the power of Kebernetes

Easy to Deploy

Launch a container with InAccel's Docker image or even deploy it as a daemonset on a Kubernetes cluster and enjoy acceleration services at the drop of a hat.

Resource Management

Cloud-Native Hyperconverged Infrastructure of the FPGA cluster using the power of SUSE Harvester

Privacy / Isolation

Simplify infrastructure complexity with cloud-native solutions

Web UI

Unified with InAccel Coral Monitor for full observability of your FPGA resources

Runs Anywhere

Easy to deploy and run your FPGA-based containers

A unified, cohesive Cloud Stack for FPGAs

Get all the features of a typical Cloud provider with the power of FPGAs

Build your FPGA Infrastructure with InAccel

Easily manage multiple FPGA clusters in one place.

Pool and democratize your available FPGA resources for full visibility and utilization.

Manage and expose your FPGA resources as Bare metal or VMs.

Instant Deployment of FPGA-based VMs

Instant deployment of FPGA-based VMs with pre-configured images and drivers. Deploy your VMs with FPGAs easier than ever.

Support for both AMD/Xilinx and Intel FPGAs.

Instant Kubernetes Deployment

Create a Kubernetes cluster instantly and manage your FPGA resources with the Rancher dashboard, the leading Kubernetes Management platform.
Manage the FPGA resources using pre-configured templates as any other compute resource.

Deployment of FPGA applications

  • Marketplace for FPGA-based applications
  • Easy deployment of serverless applications
  • Integration with InAccel Coral

The Rancher Dashboard allows easy installation of FPGA-based applications based on charts.

Deploy your FPGA-based applications through the marketplace.

Unified Integration with Coral Monitor

InAccel FPGA Deployment stack comes with a unique Monitor tool that allows to get valuable insight on the performance of the kernels in the FPGAs.

The monitor tool can be used to get information for the execution of the accelerators in the FPGAs helping optimize the performance of your applications.

Easy overview of FPGA resources on the Kubernetes clusters

Check the number of FPGAs on the Kubernetes clusters.
A unified way to view your FPGA resources as CPU and Memory resources.


Enterprise edition

400$ / Node / Month

Intel and AMD FPGA cards supported
Free support for the installation
Customizations upon request
Reference examples

Project edition

$50,000 / year

Unlimited number of servers
Integrated with InAccel Coral
Integrated with InAccel Monitor
24x7 uptime support