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Speedup your application on your browser.

InAccel allows to run any accelerator from Xilinx Vitis on your browser, easier than ever.

  • No need for configuration
  • Instant deployment from Jupyter Notebooks, Python or terminal.

Run now any Vitis Library on your broswer

Xilinx Vitis™ Library includes an extensive set of open-source, performance-optimized libraries that offer out-of-the-box acceleration with minimal to zero-code changes to your existing applications.

Common Vitis accelerated-libraries for Math, Statistics, Linear Algebra, and DSP offer a set of core functionality for a wide range of diverse applications.

Domain-specific Vitis accelerated libraries offer out-of-the-box acceleration for workloads like Vision and Image Processing, Quantitative Finance, Database, and Data Analytics, Data Compression and more.

Run instantly on your browser any library getting the power of FPGAs.

Multi-tenant FPGA cluster deployment

Using the power of InAccel FPGA orchestrator multiple users can run the Vitis libraries on the a cluster of Xilinx Alveo cards. InAccel orchestrator allows multi-tenant deployment of FPGA accelerated libraries making easier than ever the automatic resource management of FPGA clusters.

Through the power of JuyterHub multiple users can utilize the available FPGA cluster, sharing the available resources.

Users can run the Vitis applications from Jupyter notebooks, Python or even a terminal.

To learn more on the FPGA orchestrator click here.

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