Accelerated Homomorphic Encryption

Speedup your Homomorphic Encryption applications using the power of accelerators

Accelerated Homomorphic Encryption

Homomorphic encryption is a type of encryption that allows computation to be performed directly on encrypted data, without the need to first decrypt it. This has the potential to revolutionize the way sensitive data is handled, as it allows for secure processing of sensitive information without the need to expose it in the clear.

There are several frameworks that allows Homomorphic encryption but there was not any unified project that integrated HE with typical MLOps flow.

InAccel provides a unified approach for the deployment and integration of HE with state-of-the-art MLOps design operations and with the power of FPGA accelerators.

Accelerated Homomorphic Encryption

Using the power of Intel FPGAs, InAccel provides a integrated framework for the seamless acceleration of your HE applications.

Fully compatible with widely-used framework like SEAL and TenSEAL, InAccel's Accelerated HE offers significant improvements in performance and energy efficiency.

And using InAccel's Coral resource manager it allows easy deployment and scaling on Kubernetes clusters.

Save cost from faster execution and lower energy consumption

Depending on the dataset and the algorithm, the accelerated genomics platform can achieve up to 10x speedup compared to CPU-based execution.

At the same time, InAccel integrated framework for accelerated Homomorphic encryption solution can help reduce significantly the total cost of ownership as FPGA provide a more energy efficient solution based on CPUs and GPUs.


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