Accelerated Machine Learning training with a push of a button

Available on Nimbix using the new Xilinx Alveo cards

InAccel, a world-leader in application acceleration, has released today the new Accelerated Machine Learning suite through the Nimbix Cloud infrastructure. The Nimbix Cloud offers both enterprise software users and application developers a platform for accelerated computing for next-generation datacenter applications.

Recently, Nimbix incorporated into the data center infrastructure the new Xilinx Alveo card. Xilinx Alveo accelerator cards represent the next horizon in computing that enables enterprises to run high performance data and compute-intensive applications and processing pipelines faster and more efficiently than ever.

InAccel’s Accelerated Machine Learning suite allows enterprise software users to perform machine learning training, for widely used algorithms such as logistic regression and k-means clustering, faster than ever using the state-of-the-art Xilinx Alveo cards. Specifically, the accelerated Machine Learning suite allows to perform up to 10x faster the training of the models compared to contemporary multi-core processors.

Tha main advantage of the proposed framework is that allows data scientists and machine learning engineers to utilize the hardware accelerators without changing a single line of code in their applications. InAccels’ suite provide all the required libraries and modules in order to offload the most computationally intensive tasks to the Alveo cards without changing the software source code.

Data scientists, and machine learning engineers can evaluate, with a simple click-of-a-button, the accelerated machine learning suite for logistic regression and k-means and compare it with cpu-only platforms.

The Accelerated Machine learning suite is available to test it through the Nimbix PushToCompute™ Jarvice platform.

InAccel Accelerated Machine learning suite on nimbix

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