FPGA acceleration lifecycle
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Deploy. Scale. Orchestrate. Monitor.

What is InAccel?

InAccel offers 1-click deployment of FPGA workloads on premises, on cloud, using Docker, Podman, Singularity or Kubernetes. By taking care of the whole FPGA acceleration lifecycle we make it possible for you to focus on the application. The limit is your imagination!

Easy Deployment

Automatic Scaling

Resource Orchestration

Resource Monitoring

Faster Execution

Cost Reduction

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Ready to Use FPGA Accelerators

InAccel started as an IP core production company and later on transformed to the company it is today to help the adoption of FPGAs. InAccel still develops IP cores for customers and has a pool of available IP cores mainly targeting the domain of Machine Learning.

Bitstream Repository

Store and version FPGA binaries.

InAccel offers an end-to-end Bitstream repository solution covering the deployment lifecycle of your FPGA binaries to manage target platforms, allow artifact versioning and accelerator distribution.

Coral Resource Manager

A reliable, scalable and distributed acceleration system

Coral is a framework that registers possible the distributed acceleration of large data sets across clusters of FPGA resources using simple programming models. It abstracts away the FPGA resources to a pool of accelerators and takes care of scheduling and orchestrating jobs for acceleration.

Coral Monitor

A unique Monitor to get valuable insight of your FPGAs

Coral monitor is a real-time monitoring tool designed specifically for custom resources like FPGAs and GPUs. It can provide power, thermal and structural information as well as details for all the running tasks.

Use Cases

InAccel provides all the tools required to get you started with hardware acceleration. It brings together version control of bitsteam artifacts, resource orchestration and monitoring so that users can benefit from the power of hardware accelerators whilst building scalable pipelines on environments that they are already familiar with, to provide production level real-life applications. For any computationally intensive application , our products can be used to reduce the execution time and reduce the energy footprint.

Below you can have a quick look on ready-to-use demos for a wide range of use cases:


Thanks to the products that we have made available - that take care of the whole acceleration life-cycle - it is easier than ever to enable hardware acceleration in any project/framework. To showcase the simplicity and easiness of integrating InAccel with state of the art frameworks, we offer all the solutions you can find below and many more in the Samples section of our Documentation.

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APIs in C++, Java, Python and Rust
Unlimited nodes
One (1) FPGA per node
Native CLI automation tool
Bitstream packaging and versioning


APIs in C++, Java, Python and Rust
Unlimited nodes
Unlimited FPGAs per node
Native CLI automation tool
Bitstream packaging and versioning
InAccel Coral Addons
Web UI to monitor your FPGA resources
Bitstream deployment pipelines
24x7 uptime support

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InAccel framework gives you a great abstraction layer resulting in less code. It has a monitoring tool and other language bindings like Python, etc. making it very easy to integrate with our applications.
...this is where InAccel's framework helps immensely: we don't need to code MT C++, rather we call the FPGA from multiple workers and we let the InAccel framework schedule the FPGA workloads as fast as possible

Fred Tsang

We found it very useful as it allows high-level abstracted kernel calls instead of OpenCL which requires complex implementation of FPGA kernel calls.

Jongwoo Kim