Multi-tenant, enterprise-grade FPGA cluster deployment using Kubesphere console

Multi-tenant, enterprise-grade FPGA cluster deployment using Kubesphere console

San Jose, February 12, 2020

InAccel, Inc.

KubeSphere is a multi-tenant enterprise-grade container platform built on Kubernetes, with full-stack automated IT operation and streamlined DevOps workflows. KubeSphere provides developer-friendly wizard web UI, helps enterprises to build out a more robust and feature-rich platform, includes most common functionalities needed for enterprise Kubernetes strategy, such as the Kubernetes resource management, DevOps (CI/CD), application lifecycle management, monitoring, logging, Service Mesh (Istio-based), multi-tenancy, alerting and notification, storage and networking, autoscaling, access control, etc., as well as multi-cluster management, Network Policy, and registry management. KubeSphere is a distributed operating system with cloud native stack based on Kubernetes, very well architected for plug-and-play integration with its ecosystem.

KubeSphere provides a complete user experience around Kubernetes that incorporates a rich set of cloud native ecosystem tools, allows developers and DevOps teams use their favorite tools in a single front-end interface. KubeSphere delivers consolidated views while integrating a wide breadth of ecosystem tools upon Kubernetes and offer consistent user experience to reduce complexity.

InAccel FPGA cluster deployment using Kubesphere

InAccel FPGA cluster deployment using Kubesphere

Today, InAccel, a world-pioneer on the domain of FPGA cluster deployment, announced the integration of the Coral FPGA orchestrator with Kubesphere. InAccel’s Coral FPGA orchestrator allows the easy deployment, scaling and resource sharing of the FPGA cluster making the utilization of FPGA clusters easier than ever. The integration with Kubesphere allows cloud users to select the number of resources that they want to allocate for each workgroup or project. Users can specify the number of FPGAs in the cluster that they want to utilize in the same way that they specify the maximum number of CPUs and the maximum memory.

Integrating the FPGA orchestrator with Kubesphere makes FPGA deployment and utilization easier than ever as it allows users to treat accelerators as easy as any other computing resources. It allows multi-tenant, production-ready deployment of FPGAs on private or public data centers, multi-cluster management and developer-friendly web UI for FPGA resource management.

Kubernetes on FPGA using Kubesphere extends the industry standard container orchestration platform with FPGA acceleration capabilities. With first class support for FPGA resources scheduling, developers and DevOps engineers can now build, deploy, orchestrate and monitor FPGA-accelerated application deployments on heterogeneous, multi-cloud clusters.

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