Inaccel announces record-breaking speed on facial detection test using an FPGA cluster

Inaccel announces record-breaking speed on facial detection test using an FPGA cluster

San Jose, November 3, 2020

InAccel, Inc.

InAccel, a world-pioneer in the domain of FPGA-based accelerators, today released the results of a test in which a cluster of eight FPGAs in a single server were used to achieve 1700 fps in a facial detection speed test. “We are excited about today’s results,” said Chris Kachris, CEO of Inaccel, “the limitations faced by CPU and GPU-based facial detection systems will be shattered by applications that utilize FPGA clusters.” The test was conducted on an FPGA cluster operated by VMaccel, a cloud service provider specializing in FPGA-based High-Performance Computing located in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Object detection in video is a computationally intensive task that requires large amounts of processing power. FPGA-based hardware acceleration can provide enhanced processing power to increase throughput and decrease latency. Inaccel offers its clients an integrated framework that allows them to utilize the power of FPGA clusters for facial detection and other intensive applications. Together, VMaccel and Inaccel can support deploying these workloads efficiently across hundreds of FPGAs.

FPGAs are adaptable hardware platforms that can more efficiently offer greater performance and lower latency than GPUs. These efficiencies can be used to run any computationally intensive applications such as machine learning, video processing, quantitative finance, or genomics. However, deployment of applications on FPGAs by users with no prior experience can be challenging. Inaccel provides an FPGA resource manager that allows instant deployment, scaling and resource management. Users can deploy their application using Python, Spark, Jupyter notebooks or even terminals. Inaccel is making its platform  available for demonstration purposes to qualified parties.


About Inaccel

InAccel helps enterprises speed up their applications by using adaptive hardware accelerators. It provides a unique framework for seamless utilization of hardware accelerators from high-level framework like Spark and Jupyter. InAccel also develops high-performance accelerators for applications like machine learning, genomics, quantitative finance, compression and data analytics. Interested persons may inquire at


About VMaccel

VMaccel specializes in cloud-based FPGA acceleration as a service. Located in Cheyenne, Wyoming, VMaccel infrastructure accelerates computationally-intensive workloads in AI, Machine Learning, Quantitative Finance, Cybersecurity, Facial Detection, Genomics, Video Transcoding, and Weather Modeling. Founded in 2019, VMaccel operates the largest FPGA clusters of its kind in North America. Potential clients may contact us via:, Adam Lopez, Media inquiries should be directed to:

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