FPGA integration easier than ever

FPGA integration with any framework

InAccel has developed a unique FPGA orchestrator that allows easy deployment, instant scaling and dynamic resource management of the FPGA clusters. InAccel’s FPGA orchestrator allows the deployment of FPGAs as a Platform ready to be used by the software developers just like any other computing system.

InAccel FPGA orchestrator abstracts away the available FPGA resources serving as an OS layer and “kubernetes-alike” layer for the applications that need to be deployed on FPGAs. The main advantages that InAccel’s orchestrator offers are:

  • Easy deployment: Software developers can invoke the functions that want to accelerate in the same way that it is done on any other software framework. Software developers do no need to worry about the buffer management, the configuration file of the FPGAs, etc. InAccel’s unique orchestrator overloads the specific functions that need to be offloaded to the FPGAs. Users can use accelerators in the same way as it would have been done using software libraries. Software developers can deploy their applications using simple C/C++, Python and Java API calls and not OpenCL.
  • Dynamic resource management: Multiple applications or users or processes can share the available resources without the user having to do manually the contention/conflict management. InAccel’s orchestrator serves as the scheduler that allows the sharing of the available FPGA resources in an FPGA cluster from multiple applications, multiple processes or multiple users-tenants.
  • Instant Scaling: Users just invoke as many times as they need the function that they want to accelerate without having to manually distributed the functions to the available resources. Whether there are many kernels on a single FPGA or multiple FPGAs on a single server, InAccel’s Coral Orchestrator performance the load-balancing and the distribution of the functions that need to be accelerated to the available resources. InAccel also provides the Kubernetes plugin in which the available resources are advertised to Kubernetes to allow application to scale-out to multiple Server (with multiple FPGAs per server.)
  • Heterogeneous deployment: InAccel unique bitstream repository allows the deployment of fully heterogeneous FPGA clusters. InAccel bitstream repository holds different bitstreams for the available FPGAs. The bitstream repository is integrated with the Coral Orchestrator alleviating the user from the complexity of FPGA-specific bitstreams. Users can deploy their application to heterogenous FPGA clusters (e.g. different FPGA cards from the same or different vendors) and InAccel FPGA orchestrator takes care for loading the right bitstream.

InAccel FPGA integration

The main benefit of this approach is that it allows seamlessly integration of FPGAs to widely used framework like the followings (click to learn more for each for these frameworks):

Start accelerating instantly your application with InAccel FPGA orchestrator.

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